Video courtesy of Greater Toronto Airports Authority (Multivista)

Tank 4 Construction

Central De-Icing Facility - Glycol Tank #4

In 2017, Milman was engaged by the GTAA as Prime Consultant to complete the detailed design of Tank #4 at the CDF. The purpose of the project was to increase the CDF’s capacity to store highconcentration glycol and to transfer effluent between the new tank and the existing tanks #3 and #2.
Milman hired subconsultants to complete the mechanical and electrical (HH Angus), and Civil (Counterpoint) scope of the project. During the preliminary design phase, our team investigated several design concepts related to the size and position of the tank, waterproofing materials, the division of the high and low concentration chambers, the mechanical and structural connection to Tank #3, and the mechanical integration into the existing glycol management system.
Detailed design involved a new 5,000,000+ litre concrete tank, complete with pumps and valves to transfer effluent; new catchbasins and manholes to drain the “Pink” snow area above the tank, and connections of overflow pipes to existing storm and sanitary sewers. To accommodate a future project at the site, the design involved relocating existing underground services to within a new concrete chase.
Our team overcame several challenges as part of the design, including the heavy loads in the “Pink” snow area, relocation of the existing site services, interior waterproofing, an accelerated design schedule, and designing for a compressed construction schedule.
Construction of the project began on May 2018.