US Steel Canada - Wastewater Treatment Plant

Built atop the existing foundations of a demolished coke plant in Hamilton, Ontario, this site now houses an innovative water treatment plant. Our team oversaw the project from inception to completion, developing detailed structural designs of special water-retaining concrete structures, circular clarifiers, and structure for a new sludge building, as well as acting as project managers. The distinguishing feature of this facility was the large 6,500 m³ concrete biological treatment tank with concrete hoppers inside, which we designed by using finite element analysis. The new tank was situated on top of an existing raft foundation slab constructed in the 1940’s and supported by hundreds of old piles. We developed a unique method of testing the piles to ensure that they were able to support the biological tank. This innovative approach allowed us to reuse over 500 cubic meters of existing concrete as a foundation for the tank, a significant environmental achievement, and a tremendous cost saving for the client.