University of Toronto - Innis Town Hall

Milman and Associates completed a structural and architectural renovation of an auditorium theatre at Innis Town Hall, University of Toronto. The renovation included an expansion of the mezzanine, reconfiguration of the auditorium layout, additional stairs, and the installation of rooftop equipment. We completed a detailed structural analysis of the existing building. We discovered that the existing roof structure was not able to accommodate the new loads, so we designed reinforcement of the trusses. We prepared detailed structural design of the new mezzanine and stairs, as well as supports for new partitions and architectural finishes.

Since it is often difficult, logistically, to construct reinforcement within an existing building, it is important to carefully plan the new design and load transfer to the existing structure in order to minimize the effects to the existing building. Coordination of the design with architectural and mechanical consultant was important in order to achieve the architectural appearance and function, while limiting the impact to the structure.