University of Toronto - Hart House

We have been providing University of Toronto with reliable engineering services for more than a decade. In this capacity, in 2011, we were responsible for major structural upgrades to the university’s iconic Hart House Building.

CIUT 89.5 FM, UofT’s community-run radio station, is housed within Hart House, and was in need of a major upgrade. We designed structural supports for innovative movable partitions that allowed the station to reconfigure their space at will.

Because Hart House is an old heritage building with walls constructed from extremely soft natural stone, it didn’t lend itself easily to modern connections. We replaced the interior stone with concrete in some locations, keeping the exterior stone intact; then, we connected the steel frame using a special bolt technology.

We also reinforced Hart House’s sloped wood trusses on the roof in order to support new HVAC equipment. With no existing drawings available, we were required to perform an extensive survey of existing structures and a multitude of calculations that took wind loads and new codes into account.