IOI Loders Croklaan - Tower

Milman & Associates Limited was retained by HH Angus (HHA) to provide structural engineering services related to the design and construction of a new 9-storey tower to house 500 tons of mechanical equipment.  The new tower will be constructed next to an existing 2-storey building.  The new tower consisted of a structural steel frame that was founded on a thick concrete mat slab and concrete caissons.  To not disrupt the client’s operations, the tower was designed to fit within a tight footprint, which posed several design challenges.  In order to avoid interfering with truck routes, a complicated stair tower was cantilevered from the main tower and connected to the existing building, rather than founding the stairs on the ground.  Milman completed a detailed structural analysis and design of the new tower, including 3-D finite-element modelling, and preparation of CAD drawings and specifications.

We also performed a detailed structural analysis of the existing building in order to determine how it would be affected by the new tower.  We designed large openings through the existing roof to connect the new stairs to the existing, and we designed complex sliding connections to ensure that the new stair tower did not apply force to the existing roof.