Milman & Associates Limited partnered with H.H Angus & Associates, WZMH Architects and Counterpoint Engineering to deliver the complete design of a 9,000m2 hangar facility consisting of a two-storey office and maintenance building and a 22m tall pre-engineered hangar for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA). The pre-engineered hangar structure was designed by a separate design team based in the U.S. and reviewed by Milman for compliance with Canadian codes.

Milman is currently acting as Prime Consultant, responsible for co-ordinating work between design teams, all sub-consultants and disciplines, and delivering to the GTAA’s project manager. Milman coordinated the production of design packages for each stage of the project including stockpile relocation and early works, Primary Security Line (PSL) relocation and construction, building and hangar construction and ASDE tower (radar tower) relocation. Milman was also responsible for coordinating preconstruction investigations which included hydrant flow tests, topographical surveys and a CCTV investigation of sewer lines. The main project challenge was ensuring that all work was being efficiently coordinated between design teams and sub-consultants in order to maintain the schedule of this fast-paced project. The following strategies are currently being used to manage the schedule and costs throughout the project: establishment of a budget; value management; CPM scheduling; establishment of clear and frequent communication between stakeholders.

Milman designed the foundations and superstructure of the office and maintenance building as well as the foundations for the pre-engineered hangar. Poor soil conditions, and significant lateral forces in the hangar columns presented the main design challenges. Milman explored several design options for foundations subjected to significant lateral loads in poor soil conditions and decided on an innovative, cost effective and reliable solution that involved tying caissons together with post-tensioned steel bars.