Project Description

Milman was retained by the GTAA to act as a Prime Consultant to provide structural and civil engineering, and architectural services, related to the design of a new boiler house. Our scope of work included the following items: Foundation for new boilers; Structural steel enclosure; Structural support for exhaust stacks; Management of geotechnical investigation and topographical survey; Civil engineering of a single-vehicle access road; Architectural services for the boiler enclosure.

The structural engineering scope involved the design of a new concrete foundation to support the boilers. Milman engaged a soil consultant and managed the geotechnical investigation in order to confirm the existing soil conditions. The foundation was designed to support two (2) 40,000 lbs boilers, two exhaust stacks, and a steel enclosure. The seismic force resisting system was designed with vertical steel cross-bracing and steel knee-braced moment frames.

Architecturally, Milman designed the exterior cladding, the roofing, doors (personnel and overhead), and specified all finishes (floor, doors, structural steel). The client required a new single-vehicle roadway in order to access the new boiler house. Milman designed the new road, including subbase preparation and asphalt, drainage, turning truck radius, and interface with existing roadway. We also designed all site grading and drainage.

The building was located at the airside, so all site measurements, tendering process and construction supervision should be done under the tight security escort. All Milman’s personnel are familiar with the safety and security procedures at the GTAA and successfully completed the project.

Milman’s team completed all necessary site review and conducted contract administration during the construction stage.