Bell Canada, 76 Adelaide Street West - New Selective Catalytic Reducers, Generator and Electrical Upgrades

The main purpose of the project was to supply emergency power to the iconic Bell Canada high-rise building in downtown Toronto that is approximately 100 years old.

Milman & Associates Limited designed structural supports for new selective catalytic reducers (SCRs) and Silencers to serve the diesel generators above the 16th storey roof; and reinforcing of the 15th and 16th floor supporting columns. IN addition we designed new steel platform for the new 2.5MW generator, two new penthouses, extension of the 17th floor  and pipe rack and tower supporting the vertical stack.

As the building is 100 years old, the existing structural drawings were not available, so we conducted investigations in order to confirm the existing structural system, verify sizes of existing structural elements, and assess the condition of the building.

The engineering team conducted a structural analysis of the existing building structure to evaluate the effects of the new loads on the existing gravity and seismic-force resisting systems.

The existing roof was extremely complicated structure with several penthouses of different heights added in the past, so constructability was a critical part of the conceptual planning; During construction, we designed a temporary steel support for a 20,000 lbs spider crane to facilitate the steel erection and provide the procedure in maneuvering the new generator to its final position.  The building was fully operational during the entire construction, so we had to ensure that our design of reinforcement creates minimal impact to a building operation.